Joanne Boshell works directly with the schools.She initially meets with the relevant heads to discuss the different options of learning and motivational seminars and workshops to assist with what the school requires.


Effective Learning

  • Using both sides of your brain to their full capacity.
  • Understanding and becoming aware of what each side of your brain can do.
  • Exercising and using your weaker side to enhance whole brain learning.
  • Incorporating both your left and right brain characteristics into your study techniques.
  • Finding ways to move unorganized, fleeting ideas & thoughts (right brain) into visual structures (left brain).
  • Finding your dominant learning style.
  • Realizing how the right brain assists with planning and how the left brain executes the plan.

The Power of the Human Mind

  • Being willing to change the way you think to unleash unlimited human potential.
  • Embracing and welcoming CHANGE.
  • Constantly improving yourself.
  • Self-motivation.
  • The importance of human growth.
  • Success and happiness are our own DECISIONS – as is “stress”.
  • Turning your dreams into reality through visualization.
  • Awakening the love of learning: the value of education.
  • Finding time for life – prioritizing.
  • Staying with the times – living in the information age.

From the Pupils:

I loved the course and my marks have gone up by 10 – 20%
Now all my bad study methods are gone and I’m really happy!
I found out how to use my long term memory … and now I feel more confident about my studying
Believe it or not – studying is now fun
Joanne Boshell Schools

Learning Different Memory Strategies

  • How to absorb, process and remember information (using the long term memory).
  • How to use a variety of techniques.
  • Active learning vs. passive learning.
  • Identifying important information and leaving out irrelevant information (just as important!).
  • Concentration stimulation.
  • Learning how to cope with the ever increasing volumes of work each year.
  • Keeping motivated and interested in your studies.
  • Using ones auditory skills to teach out loud when studying information. This promotes active learning and again, enhances long term memory.
  • Quick summary techniques.
  • Note learning vs. understanding and interpretation of study material.
  • Studying diagrams, maps and figures.
  • Essay, speech and project planning.
  • Hunger for growth!
Left and Right Brain

From the Pupils:

Not only did I learn a way to study that worked for me………….I taught my parents too!?
Joanne’s course was AWESOME! I can’t wait to get those distinctions in Matric. The course was taught in a clear and well-structured way.
I’m so motivated to learn now. I feel so much more positive and it puts me into such an awesome mode.